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Located next to Sevastopol’s aquapark Zurbagan, the hotel Aquamarine is a 2 minutes walk from the city beach. The hotel is surrounded by seaside park Pobeda between Omega and Streletskaya bays. Hotel rooms overlook the sea or the city.


Sanatorium Foros is a climatic health resort of general therapeutic specialization is located in one of the most environmentally friendly areas of the Black Sea Coast. Modern forteen-storey building of the resort (built in 1986) is only in 50 m from the coast.


Splendidly located the center of the city, the hotel Sevastopol is set on seafront promenade in the center of art and cultural life. It is surrounded by numerous pavement cafés, restaurants, theatres, and entertaining facilities.

Tour Operator Laspi

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Laspi travel experts will arrange your perfect holidays in Ukraine.  We offer rest in the most reputable Ukrainian resort regions: Crimea and Carpathians.

Laspi offers hotel room reservation in Crimea, Carpathians, Lvov, Odessa, Kiev and hotel reservation in other regions of Ukraine; multi-day tours to Ukraine, sightseeing guided tours to Crimea and Ukraine; medical tours to Crimean Spas and sanatoria: Yevpatoria, Saki, and South Crimea, medical tours to the featured Ukrainian SPA and health resorts of Morshin, Truskavets, Polyana, Koblevo (Carpathian and Odessa regions); interpreting services, secured affordable transportation, booking of air and railway tickets.

In winter we offer rest in the popular ski resorts of Ukraine: ski resort Bukovel (Ivano-Frankivsk region), ski resort Slavsky and Ski resort Dragobrat (Carpathians).

On you request we will find a perfect venue for your seminar, conference or a business meeting. We can accommodate, transport, cater, and entertain your visitors. We will hire the best interpreters at the best prices.

Laspi Tour Operator guarantees you quality travel services. Work with professionals, travel to Ukraine with Laspi!

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Minibus / mini van / passenger car sightseeing tours - 2014
Sevastopol Day Tours -  2014
Military History Tour - Submarine Base & 35th Coastal Battery - Diorama and Sapun hill - 7 hours 
Hidden military history of Soviet period is now available for you to explore on this military 7-hour bus tour consisted of three parts:  a tour to Sapun – hill including visiting Diorama museum,  Balaclava Tour including visiting of a former Top-Secret Submarine Base today transformed into Naval Museum complex “Balaclava”, and a tour to 35th Coastal Battery. Tour Details>>
Sevastopol Classic Tour: Chersonesus and Panorama Museum, Sevastopol City Tour - 7 hours 
Take this Sevastopol classic day tour to discover the best attractions of the city, popular among the tourists for many years.  On this 7-hour bus tour you will visit ancient Chersonesus, an Orthodox sacral place from where Christianity spread over Kievan Rus. On the Tour you also visit Panorama Museum and take a walking excursion to the centre of Sevastopol. Tour Details >>
The Best of Sevastopol: Sevastopol City Tour, Panorama Museum & Balaclava Tour - 7 hours 
Combine two best-selling Sevastopol tours to see the best of Sevastopol & Balaclava in one day.  City Tour, a nice walking excursion in the centre of Sevastopol, Panorama museum with and a tour to Balaclava including visiting the former Underground Submarine Base. Tour Details >>
Yalta Day Tours - 2014

Wine tour in Yalta - Nikita Botanic Garden, Massandra palace of Alexander III, Massandra winery  

Join Massandra Wine Tasting and Botanic Garden Tour in Yalta for a leisure time in South Crimea. On the tour you visit evergreen and blossoming Nikita Botanic Garden,  Massandra palace of Alexander III (Stalin’s Dacha) and take part in Massandra wine tasting.  The tour to Massandra & Botanic Garden is always relaxing and picturesque. Tour Deatils >>

The Best of Yalta: Vorontsov Palace, Livadia Palace, and the White Dacha (Chekhov’s House – Museum)
Take this comprehensive and spectacular Yalta tour The Best of Yalta to visit famous attractions of Yalta: Vorontsovsky Palace and park in Alupka, Livadia palace, romantic Castle Swallow’s Nest and Chekhov’s White Dacha, a house-museum.  This tour with beautiful vistas of Yalta and the sea from the Swallow’s Nest Castle is a great photo opportunity. Tour Details >>
Ai-Petri & Palaces – Yalta tour: Vorontsov & Livadia Palace, Ai-Petri Mountain
This spectacular Yalta tour The Best of Yalta to visit famous attractions of Yalta: Vorontsovsky Palace and park in Alupka, cable road to Ai-Petri mountain, romantic Castle Swallow’s Nest and  Livadia palace,.  This tour with beautiful vistas of Yalta and the sea from the Swallow’s nest castle is a great photo opportunity. Tour Details >>
Three Palaces of Yalta: White Palace of Livadia, Vorontsovsky and Massandra Palaces
Take this impressive tour Three Palaces of Yalta to see three gem Palaces of South Crimea in one day. On this small group tour you visit world-known Alupka Palace of Count Vorontsov, White Palace of Livadia, and Massandra Palace of Alexander III and learn the history of each palace. Tour Details >>

Bakhchisarai Tours - 2014

  Bakhchisaray Tour from Sevastopol: Khan’s Palace,  Chufut – Kale and Cave Monastery of Holy Assumption - 8-hour Tour
Explore rich cultural history of Crimea on this exciting day tour to Bakhchisaray from Sevastopol. On the tour you spend half of the day outdoors on the territory of ancient cave city Chufut-Kale near Bakhchisaray, visit Cave Monastery of Holy Assumption carved in the rock, and take a tour to the Palace of Tatar Khan in Bakhchisaray. 
  Bakhchisaray Tour from Yalta: Khan’s Palace,  Chufut – Kale and Cave Monastery of Holy Assumption - 8-hour Tour
Highlights of The Tour: Cave monastery of Holy Assumption, Fortress and cave city Chufut –Kale with defensive walls, southern and eastern gates, towers, streets with narrow sidewalks, dwelling houses, praying houses of the Karaites, or kenassa, the mausoleum. Museum complex of Khan’s Palace. * We can substitute Chufut – Kale Tour from Yalta with visiting the following attractions: Ai-Petri Mountain observation platform with great panoramic view of Yalta and the South Crimea, visiting viewpoint of  Swallows’ Nest Castle, the symbol of Crimea and waterfalls U-Chan-Su.
Multi-Day Sightseeing Tours in Crimea - 2014

Best of Sevastopol - 7 day / 6 night Tour 

Tour Main Attractions:
Grafskaya Wharf, Admiral Nakhimov Square, Memorial to Sevastopol Heroic Defense 1941-1942, Monument to Scuttled Ships, Museum of Russian Black Sea Fleet, Chersonesus, Ukrainian Marine Aquarium, St. George's Monastery, Balaklava, Genoese Fortress Chembalo, Mount Tavros, Underground Nuclear Submarine Base, Panorama Museum "Defence of Sevastopol 1854-55", Foros Church of the Christ’s Resurrection, Vorontsov's Palace, Mount Ai-Petri, Fortress Kalamita, Saint Kliment's Monastery. Tour Details >>

Pearls of Southeast Crimea - Yalta-Alushta-Sudak - 7-Day / 6-night Tour 


Tour Main Attractions:
White Palace of Livadia, Nikita Botanical Garden, Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, Ai-Petri Mountain, Palace of Alexander III in Massandra, Massandra Winery - Wine Tasting, Demerdzhi Mountain, Waterfall Dzur-Dzur, Church-Lighthouse, Valley of Ghosts, Genoa Fortress of Sudak, Novy Svet, Lev Golytsyn Winery - Champagne Tasting, Golitsyn Path, Juniper Grove.  Tour Details>>

Crimean War – Sevastopol & Balaclava - 5 day / 4 night Tour 

Tour Main Attractions:
Grafskaya wharf, Primorsky Boulevard, Monument to Scuttled Ships, Panorama "Sevastopol’s Defence in 1854-55", Malakhov Hill, Cape Fiolent, St. George's Monastery, Balaclava, the Monument to British Soldiers, Valley of Death, the Sheremetiyev’s museum, Genoese Fortress Chembalo, the Monument to the Black River Battle, Inkerman and Black river battles, Inkerman, Cave Town Kalamita, Saint Kliment's Monastery.  Tour Details >>

Medieval Crimea - Sevastopol, Bahkchisarai, Balaclava - 6-day / 5-night Tour 

Tour Main Attractions:
Grafskaya wharf, Ukrainian Marine Aquarium, Bahkchisaray, Khan’s palace, Cave Town Chufut – Calais, Uspensky Monastery, Ukrainian Marine Aquarium, Chersonesus Taurica, Fortress Calamita, Saint Kliment Monastery, Cape Fiolent, St. George's Monastery, Balaklava, Genoese Fortress Chembalo, Mount Tavros, Underground Top-Secret Submarine Base, Cave Town Eski - Kermen, Donkey Farm. Tour Details >>

Treasure Island - 7-day / 8-night tour

Spend seven days exploring Southwest of the Crimea on this interesting 7-day tour.  You will see the most popular attractions of Bahkchisay, Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, Balaclava and Yalta.  This tour is the best option for those who would like to explore different cultures of the Crimea. It covers historical period from the times of ancient Greek colonies to the most recent Soviet times. During the tour you will stay 4 days in Sevastopol and 2 days in Yalta. Tour Details>>

News and Events - Crimea 2014

News and Events
News – Unique Dolphin therapy in Crimea

Dolphin therapy. Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea recommends: swimming with dolphins, a unique natural treatment of mental and physical disorder, will help  children suffering from autism to find new ways to health. More information about this event, VIDEO>>> 

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